Learn Guitar In Yiddish | Pro Course

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Get access to the Online Course + Multi Course + a choice of two guitars, a pick and a turner.  Give this golden opportunity of a fully immersive musical experience to your little musician and set him up with everything he needs for a life of guitar mastery and musical confidence.

לערן דיך גיטאר איז א קורס וואס וועט דיר אויסלערנען גיטאר שנעל און גרינג און געשמאק אין ווייניגער פון צוויי שעה! באגלייט מיט עקסערסייזעס און פרעקטיסעס, געלערנט דורך ר׳ שלומי שפילמאן און באגלייט דורך ר׳ לייבי ווידער, דער קורס איז א הנאה צו מיטהאלטן און א געלעגנהייט זיך אויסצולערנען גיטאר שנעל און גרינג אויף דיין אייגענע צייט

וואס באקום איך

דער פעקעדזש אנטהאלט אלעס זיך צו לערנען גיטאר. א סידי-דיווידי, מיט א ביכל און אויך א מוזיק-בוך דיך אויסצולערנען די מוזיק כללים. עס אנטהאלט אויך א גיטאר, טונער און א קעיס פאר די גיטאר 

מיטן קויפן דעם פעקעדזש באקומסטו אויך צוטריט צו זעהן דעם קורס אנליין

Your Personal Teacher, Available for you 24/6.

A Revolutionized way to Learn Guitar

A Complete new way of teaching you Guitar, in a fun and entertaining approach, focused on the beginner with detail, in a Yiddish-speaking and personal style. 



Easy and Fast. Yes You Can!

With its unique style, you will learn all about the guitar and play it easily and effortlessly. Following the teacher's guidance will have you playing in no time!


Fun for All

It's so intuitively fun and happy; use this not just as a learning tool but as a quality outlet for your family to gather around and enjoy the music!


Practice makes Perfect

For the few of us who cannot stay still, we have included Workable, Easy-to-follow Practices. Its Hands-on approach and fun to do will keep you practicing long after the official time is gone.  


Learn From The Best!

With Teachers Shloimie Spilman, Well Known Bassist and Musician, and with the help of Leiby Wieder, Who Plays guitar himself. Get ready to go along on the journey!



All Inclusive!

With This Package includes not just the course, with CD/DVD/Handbook/Music-Book, But it comes with a Guitar, Tuner and Case. with its strong durability and beautiful, crisp sound, playing your guitar will feel no less then magical!



Even More Continuity

With For those who appreciate Even More, We are creating a Monthly Membership-Style Program to keep you even more accountable and give you feedback on your progress to asist you along the way. Coming soon!



Choose from the following Options:

* Basic - The Guitar we Recommend to use.
* Junior - Half Size, Made specifically for kids
* Premium - An Acoustic-Electric Premium-Quality Guitar which you can plug in to a speaker, (no speaker provided)

Package Includes:

Acoustic Guitar, Tuner (Basic and Junior Guitar Only), Picks.
- Guitar Course Package: DVD, Audio CD,  Handbook, Learn Music, Sheet Music Book
Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty on the Guitar, Covered by our supplier.
For Ages: 8+