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Yingerlech 2 Music Sheets - Scales in Description

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Yingerlech 2 Music Sheets Ful Album Includes:

01 Laasois: C, D, E, F (minor)

02 Betzeis: D, E, F (minor)

03 Kol Mekadeish: D, E, F (minor)

04 Tzitzis: D, E, F (minor)

05 V'shom Naaleh: E, F, G (minor)

06 Yaaleh V'yuvoi: D, E, F (minor)

07 Askini: C, D, E (minor)

08 Lo Yumish: A, G (minor)

09 Ashreichem: F, F#, G, A (minor)

10 Bald: C, D, E, F (minor)


You can purchase the individual song sheet to get 7 sheets per song.