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Yingerlech 3 - Tzoin Kedushim, Music Sheets - Scales in Description

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Yingerlech 2 Music Sheets Includes:

01 Shivisi: Ebm (Orig. Key), Em, Dm, Fm.

02 Hoiyu: Cm (Orig. Key), Dm.

03 Veasu: Gm (Orig. Key), Am.

04 Tzoin: C#m (Orig. Key), Dm, Em, Fm.

05 Reb Tarfoin: Gm (Orig. Key), Am.

06. Mein Zeida: Ebm (Orig. Key), Dm, Fm.

07 Tantz!: Dm (Orig. Key), Em, Fm.

08 Av Harachamim: F#m (Orig. Key), Fm, Gm.

09 Hamaavir: Cm (Orig. Key), Dm.

10 Zakeini: Em (Orig. Key), Fm, Gm.

11 Keil Melech: Em (Orig. Key), Dm, Fm, Gm.